Photo Set: Celebs Step Out For The 54th Annual Grammy’s

Last night the biggest most anticipated music award show went down and it was really enjoyable. Though the overall mood of the show was sort of somber given that Whitney Houston, an iconic, beautiful music artist, passed away on Saturday, things still went accordingly and smooth. This year most celebs came out dressed to impress and didn’t do too much, while others just…. yeah ok. Check out photos of some of your favorite celebs on the red carpet below.

Adele looked stunning! She won BIG last night. Congrats!

Rhianna was dressed for the GAWDS last night. WERK!!

Nicki Minaj blows me smh she just tries too hard and does too much!

Carrie Underword looked awesome!!

Jessi J looked great!

Sigh......why Ricky why?? Its the Grammys!

Kelly Rowland

Alicia Keys looked really nice!

Tyga was definitely the best dressed out the bunch

Ms.Diana Ross

John Legend and his beautiful fiancé...she looks awesome!

Peep more photos below!

Photo Set: Rihanna Blowing Trees, Common at the BET Honors, Solange in Milan, Idris Elba at The Golden Globes, & More

Lol I just can’t! Rihanna has to be one of the funniest celebs ever!

Celebs were everywhere this past weekend and as usual the cameras were out too. Check out photos of miss Rih Rih getting her smoke on while on vacay, Common swagging it out in DC at the BET Honors, stylish Solange working the catwalk in Milan, and more below. Enjoy!!

Common at The BET Honors looking spiffy!

Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham looked stunning!!

Michelle Obama & Gabrielle Union presenting at The BET Honors

Idris Elba won big at The Golden Globes taking home “The Best Actor in a Mini series or TV movie” award. Congrats!!Mary J BligeSolange WERKING the runway in Milan! Gotta love this girl!

Stylin On Em Spotlight: Curran J Swint “Kings Rule Together”


This week the Stylin On Em Spotlight is put on Curran Swint creator of KRT- Kings Rule Together. I am so excited to feature Curran J because he is such an inspiration to me and is a brother who is doing his thing in the fashion and blogger world and I believe a lot of young Kings & Queens can learn a lot from him. Curran J is a Philly native who is a stylist, wardrobe consultant and event planner with a great sense of style, and a positive vibe. He started Kings Rule Together in November 2010 as a platform to “showcase the many different endeavors in style, fashion and event planning”. KRT started off as a blog that soon evolved into not only a clothing line, but a way of life. He uses the term “KING” to “encourage respect for men by calling them something more uplifting and inspiring to show their life quality”, which is so beautiful and elevating! Curran’s goal is to eventually turn his blog into an online clothing store and have it serve as a platform for a mentoring program for all the young KINGS of the world. Curran has been featured in Essence Magazines online publication, N3 Magazine and many more and his KRT sweatshirts have been spotted on many fashion forward folks and 106 n Park’s host Terrance J.

Whats Up Next For Curran J

Arts, Beats & Eats/ February 5th- Every first Sunday of the month Curran & team host a networking event with themes focusing on giving back with a toy, book, clothing and food drive. Attendees can can enjoy live art, spoken word, music, a great shopping. So if you’re in the Philly area this is definitely an event to attend. Peep the flyer below from this months event.

Where To Check Out Curran’s Blog, Clothing Line & Updates

Kings & Queens can check out his blog here                                Check out his KRT line here                                                Follow his tumblr here

Curran J is a brother you guys have to keep an out eye for, he’s doing it. Check out his KRT video below and also pics of his line and more. Enjoy!




Listen Up: New Music: Us-The Draft

This artwork is DOPE!

This week in Listen Up, the group “Us” gets the spotlight! Bryan Sona, Bass and Tracie Josephine make up the group “US” and together they make beautiful music. They recently released a EP titled “The Draft” that gave listeners a sneak peak into what they’ve been creating in the studio. Click the photo above to listen to the EP. Check it out and let me know what you think!

In The City: The Difference Vintage Boutique 1st Annual Vintage Expo

Over the weekend I attended The Difference Vintage Boutiques 1st Annual Vintage Expo at the Lustine Studios and I had a great time. The expo featured Flying Giraffe Vintage, Gen-XY Vintage and Ruby Redd Cheeks Boutique which are a few of the DMV’s new online Vintage Boutiques, and as I mixed and mingled I was able to meet them and check out some of the great pieces that each boutique had to offer. Of course I had my iPhone set and ready to get a few pics with the owners and of the attendees for “In The City”. All in all it was a cool event with great vibes. Check out the photos I captured below.

Niesha Slaughter Owner of The Difference Vintage

Tracie Josephine Owner of The Flying Giraffe

Tracie Josephine & I

Ashley Tyrus Owner of Gen-XY Vintage

Ashley & I

Ruby Brown Owner of Ruby Redd Cheeks Boutique

Ruby & I

Allison & I

Bryan Sona AKA Go Fresco!!

Val & I

Life & Love: How To Deal With That Friend That Always Talks About “HIM”

We all have that one friend that whenever she gets a new man she goes MIA and forgets she has friends or even a life outside of her new-found relationship. And I’m pretty sure we ALL follow those few females who are always talking about “HIM” on Twitter or Facebook, and you know what IM SICK OF IT!! Now I don’t want to sound like a hater (because I’m not O_o) but what is it about having a new man that makes so many of us woman lose track of our social and personal lives because we have one in the mix? And why do you love drunk women constantly have to bring up your man in every possible way? But before I rant about my distaste for this crap, I have to admit that I have been guilty of theses crimes a time or two and I never really noticed how my friends were annoyed with me until I was on the other side and saw it first hand. And seriously, it just plain made me sick!

Now, when we think about the reasons why most females act like this the first thing that comes to mind is EMOTIONS, because all females like the thought and feel of having a man (ladies please don’t lie to yourself…YOU DO), the thought of knowing that they have that one person they can talk to and just “boo love” with is amazing. Women start to trip though when they finally get that “fix” only a man can give you, y’all know what I’m talking about…that VITAMIN S…but ladies: Shouldn’t your life and world consist of so many other fulfilling and pleasurable things that take up the space in your brain and conversations other than your man? Is it possible to be that sprung that the common sense or acknowledgement of other conversation just gets completely knocked out of your head? I mean its cute and great to know that your girlfriend is happy and having a good time with her new guy, but when you got a girlfriend that talks just a tad bit too much about her man, it takes a real friend to put her mind back in the right place. You have to find the right side of that line that separates you showing concern, and you coming off as if you’re hating on what she may have in her love life.

In case women haven’t noticed (which I am sure they do), men do NOT spend their free time thinking or worrying about a female. It is seldom you hear men get together with their guy friends and have night long talking sessions about the date they went on the other night or how he loves his woman so much (although they should hehe). Men leave all the love-struck talk for when they are with their woman. Men know how to vent their energy and thoughts into other productive and enjoyable things like sports, music, or maybe something called a hobby! I think its time for women to start learning to do the same. Now I might sound like a hater when I say this but, LADIES lets stop getting brand new when you get a new guy, remember your life before “HIM”. And when we go out shopping for shoes, I want to talk about these here 5inch heels that I’m thinking about purchasing not them damn Concord Jordans you just bought him or how you can’t wait to meet up with him later on..OKAY! Lets learn to stop always talking about “HIM” ladies because honestly NO ONE CARES!! Peace & Blessings!

Lets talk about it!

Stylin On Em Spotlight: The Golddiggers

This weeks “Stylin On Em Spotlight” goes to The Golddigers. The Golddiggers consist of two women, Londyn Douglas and Chanae Jones who are childhood friends that started this company together based off their love for art, design and all things vintage. They have taken their love for all of these things and turned it into a lucrative business, with their pieces being spotted on DMV rapper Black Cobain and other fashionable people in the area. Now before you think twice about the name of their vintage boutique, let me give you a little background info. The name “The GoldDiggers” is inspired by the forty-niners of the California Gold Rush. Around 1848, people from all over the world took a leap of faith to create a better future for themselves and migrated California in seek of gold. They faced many hardships but were determined to find the cherished gold in this little-known territory. And like the forty-niners The GoldDiggers’ mission is to make their dreams come true and create a better future for themselves by bringing their treasures to you in the form of classic vintage pieces. Their boutique sells reconstructed women and men vintage clothing, as well as accessories, all inspired by African culture and great style moments throughout history.

Whats up next for The GoldDiggers:

They will be vending at the Mila & Fire Vintage Relaunch Party this coming Thursday at Lotus Lounge, and vending at Friday the 13th: The Trunk Series on Friday, January 13th 7pm-11pm. Location: 52 O St NW Washington, DC. They also will be having a MLK “The GoldDigger Way” sale on Monday January 16th. They also have an exclusive collaborative bracelet with Babylon Cartel and it can be purchased at

Where to check out their line:

Fashion lovers can check out their website at                          Follow them on twitter at @The_GoldDiggers                                                                 Follow their blog at

These ladies are about their business and have something great here. I believe all my readers who are slaves for style and fashion should definitely check them out and support. Peep some photos of their collection below.

New Music: Amber Rose feat Wiz Khalifa-Fame

Hmmmm Ok guys don’t kill me but……this song isn’t that bad.

Today Amber Rose released her first song ever titled “Fame” featuring her boo Wiz Khalifa. Although most people are probably hating on the song and dogging it, I think its kind of cute. I was bobbing my head to the beat LOL. On a serious note, when it was announced a few days ago that she would be dropping a single, people (including myself) gave it the side-eye and automatically compared it to that disaster of a song Kim Kardashian came out with saying it would be horrible. But I definitely think she did a better job than Kim. I mean she’s no Beyonce but I bet my last dollar people will be downloading this song and playing in the club, because nowadays you don’t have to be talented to gain the FAME. SHADE……maybe LOL. Check out the song below and tell me what y’all think.

Side note: I’m dead at “No hair don’t care magazine” lol

A Personal Blog: Dear 2012

Dear 2012,

First and foremost I want to thank God for blessing me with the chance to make it to another year because there were so many people who weren’t given the chance, so for that I am thankful. Next I want to say hey to the readers…HEYYYY!! To whoever’s out there in the cyber world reading this personal blog right now, I just want to thank you for checking my work out. I greatly appreciate you. Now I want to say what’s up to the year 2012….WHADDUP!!!  It’s great to meet you and hopefully some great things will happen this year.


Some of you may not know, but 2011 was a really tough year for me. From financial problems to family and personal issues it just seemed as if everything I did just went wrong. It felt like I couldn’t get a break, like I was destined for failure in all that I did and tried to do. I really felt like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. All that I was going through started to take a toll on my body, my soul, and my sanity. I was so lost in my mind and the world that I didn’t know which way I was going. One day i was content and the next day I was torn. I was in a world wind of depression. Things got so bad that I wasn’t eating and I lost about 20 pounds in a matter of 3 months, I was missing work, and crying almost everyday. I seriously felt alone like no one understood how I felt and what I was going through. I was really down in the pit. So deep that I honestly thought I would never get out, that things would never get better. But one day I started to pray. I prayed for guidance, sanity and healing of my mind, body and spirit. I prayed everyday. I began to see that me being down and depressed about the few bad things that were going on in my life wasn’t helping the situation it was just deepening the issues. I was getting nothing out of it, so I had to change my thought process. I changed the way I viewed the issues and problems that were going on in my life. I know its cliché, but instead of looking at my problems like a glass half empty, I looked at it as half full. I started to look towards my family and friends for support. They were able to provided me with words of encouragement, and hugs of happiness after I opened up and told them what I was going through, and I’m so glad that they were there for me during tough times. And most importantly I had GOD. He definitely showed me the way when I though there wasn’t one. He taught me how to live blessed and happy, he taught me how to not let the little things stress me out, and he also taught me how to move on. Although it was really a hard year for me, I can honestly say I learned a lot. I learned a lot about people and how they are and I learned a lot about myself.  I learned that I am definitely a strong young woman and that I can handle any and everything that comes my way, and I hope that this positive thinking that I have incorporated into my life continues to evolve.


Although everything in my life isn’t perfect right now, (and it never will be because that’s how life is) things are getting better and I’m remaining strong and positive. My hope for this year is that I see nothing but progress, success and happiness. I also hope for my blog to finally take off this year! I have faith!! I have so many great things in the works right now that I can’t even control myself. I can’t wait for you guys to see what I’ve been working on.  I have two new categories that I added to my roster which are “Styin On Em Spotlight” where every week I will put the spotlight on hot new designers/stylist in the DMV and surrounding area and also “Naeema In The City” where I will post on my outings to give you guys a closer look into my life. I also have a few “first time ever” opportunities that were given to me and can’t wait for you guys to know what they are! I’m also looking for new talent to feature, so if you guys know of hot new up and coming artist from all genres let me know. Send emails to Also I’m looking for cool events to cover, you guys can also send emails to the address above.  So I hope you guy’s stay and continue on this journey with BLAST CONTROL and me. I love and appreciate you. Lets make this year GREAT!!